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If you have a fantasy that you’ll take one of the so-called “boner pills” and overnight transform into a rutting stallion of a man able to satisfy any woman for hours on end, I’m here to tell you that your fantasy is just that: a fantasy.

There is NOTHING in the male enhancement category that could ever do that. Nothing. Regardless of what some of the less-than-honest brands out there claim, you are never ever going to see immediate results.

But don’t worry. Because there is one amazing male enhancement product that WILL give you the results you want. Not overnight, obviously, but, believe me, the results are worth the wait.

The name of this supplement? Male UltraCore.
Ready to hear more?


There’s an old Chinese expression that says a thousand-mile journey begins with one step. Think of the thousand-mile journey as the total upending of your definition of an incredible sex life and the one step being the first Male UltraCore pill you ever take. Take it from someone who knows, someone who’s seen his erections get harder and last longer and who has more sexual drive now than I had in my 20s.

The makers of Male UltraCore are way more honest and transparent than a lot of the scam artists who make claims that are way too good to be true (as my old dad once said to me, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is). No, they make it clear that this is not a “quick fix.”

Here’s what to expect from Male UltraCore, which is, by the way, the leading male enhancement supplement you can get your hands on.

You take four pills every day before your first meal. My bottle of Male UltraCore I keep right in the pantry near the pancake mix. Every day I take my four pills and every day I make delicious pancakes. I’ve got my routine down.

To really see the results you want is going to take somewhere between 60 and 90 days. Yes, I know, that sounds quite a lot of time. But, to quote my old dad again, Good things come to those who wait. And, believe me, good things are what you’re going to get.

Why between 60 and 90 days?
Why the range?

Well, just like with everything else, there are a lot of factors that play a role in how quickly your body responds to the formulation. Weight, diet, age, metabolism, etc – all of those things make a difference. You need to be patient. Once again, if you think you’re going to go from Mr. Ordinary to Mr. Sex God in a few days, you don’t need your dick examined, you need your head examined.


So, I started taking Male UltraCore about six months ago. I’m a big guy, not especially fit and on the “wrong” size of 40. It took about 70 days or so for me to truly see and feel the results of this product, but when I did, well, there was no stopping me.

I had already noticed that I seemed to have a lot more energy in general. I was feeling less fatigued during the day. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I also felt more alert (it was only when I read a lot more about the effects of Male UltraCore that I realized this added alertness was down to taking this product rather than coffee or anything).

The truth is, my wife noticed the impact of taking Male UltraCore before I did. Maybe you go about things differently, but I don’t spend a whole lot of time examining my dick when it’s hard. When I’m hard, I’m ready to go. Sure, I can certainly feel that sometimes it feels bigger, sometimes it feels harder, but I don’t think about it too much.

My wife, on the other hand, couldn’t get over the change. “It feels like a completely different dick you’ve got there, Dave,” she said to me.

We had always had a pretty good sex life, but, wow, let me tell you things have gone from a couple of times a week to basically every night of the week (except for the times my complains that her you-know-what needs “a little rest”). But it isn’t just the quantity of sex that has changed; it’s the quality. I am now able to keep an erection a lot longer than before and my cock feels even more sensitive to every move, making every thrust, every movement about a thousand times more pleasurable than it’s ever been.

One other benefit that I totally wasn’t expecting was something I’d read about, but didn’t necessarily think would hand: the refractory period has shortened. OK, you’re thinking, what the hell is a refractory period? Don’t worry, I had to look it up myself. It turns out that this is the name for the time between a man ejaculating and when his cock gets hard again. Used to be hours for me, to be honest. Actually, if I’m being totally honest, before I started taking Male UltraCore, I was usually good for one quickie and then I’d roll over and snooze off.


Now I can get it back up way faster than before and I’ve lost count of the number of times my wife and I have gone to bed for a quick roll-around in the morning and kept at it, doing it again and again, until the whole day has passed. It’s amazing.

I have zero hesitation in recommending Male UltraCore to any man who wants to boost his testosterone and become the lover he’s always dreamed of being. But, again I cannot stress this enough, it’s not going to happen overnight. You have to be patient. But, trust me, it IS going to happen. And you will be kicking yourself for not trying Male UltraCore before.

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