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If Male UltraCore wasn’t safe or natural, I wouldn’t take it. If Male UltraCore wasn’t effective, I wouldn’t take it. If Male UltraCore™ wasn’t the best male enhancement supplement you can find, I wouldn’t take it. It is all of those things – and that is why I take it.

It’s what in Male UltraCore that makes the difference

Any male enhancement supplement – any supplement at all – is only as good as the ingredients that go in to it. That’s obvious. Or should be. Yet there are so many awful

products out there. There are so many products that claim a whole bunch of things that they do not deliver on and that are made with inferior ingredients.

Male UltraCore couldn’t be any different. It has been created using 100% natural ingredients.

Before I go through those ingredients and let you know what they are and what they do, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m all about natural. I pretty much only buy organic. I try to avoid any of the processed crap that is in so much food. And, when it comes to women, I like them natural,

too. I don’t like women who cake on so much makeup you can’t even tell what they actually look like. And I hate, hate fake tits. Don’t get me wrong, when I was young, dumb and full of cum I had my fair share of women pumped full of silicone. But that was then, and this is now. I like natural tits. And thank god, my wife has the best natural tits you’ve ever seen (not that you’re going to see there, but you get my drift).z

OK, so that’s me. Natural all the way. That’s why Male UltraCore is the only enhancement supplement I would ever take.


If you don’t already know, Male UltraCore is the number one male enhancement supplement on the market today. For many, many good reasons. But one of the big reasons that I use Male UltraCore is that it is safe and it is natural.

Let me repeat that, because it’s worth repeating. Male UltraCore – the best male enhancement supplement on the market right now, a product that is going to revolutionize your sex life – is safe and natural.

Unlike a lot of the supplements you see on the internet, Male UltraCore uses only 100% all-natural ingredients. You’re not putting any artificial crap in your body; you’re just getting great results.

One look at the label confirms this, but let’s take a look at every single ingredient in this incredible supplement.

The label on Male UltraCore is split into three parts, so let’s take each of those separately. The three parts are STEM Free Testosterone Complex, VI-PEX ZMA Complex and VI-PEX Proprietary Blend.


STEM stands for Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method and it’s a technology designed to boost your free testosterone levels and to ensure your body can absorb those increased levels safely. Here are the ingredients:

Fenugreek is (I’m quoting the dictionary here) a white-flowered herbaceous plant of the pea family. But what it does is reduce something called the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which can lead to the enlargement of the prostate. Needless to say, no one wants that. Which is why the makers of Male UltraCore put an FDA-compliant extract of fenugreek in their formulation: so you can enjoy increased levels of testosterone without having to worrying about side effects.

Next comes long jack. This is at the heart of pretty much every male enhancement supplement product. It’s prized for its ability to promote sexual arousal in men as well as to prolong an erection. It is also responsible for boosting the levels of semen a man produces, so when you cum you cum like never before. (You can ask my wife all about that, since she’s the one dripping all the time).

So, you’re probably asking, if this long jack’s in every supplement, why is Male UltraCore so special? Well, here’s a little fun fact for you: just because two supplements have 550mg of long jack doesn’t make them equal. What you need to look at is the percentage of standardized extract. In other words, the potency. Most supplements have between 1% and 10%; Male UltraCore has 30%. So, you’re getting some powerful stuff.

Next comes KSM-66. What this is arguably the best strain in the world of ashwagandha, which is a herb that’s been used all over the world for centuries. This herb has been clinically proven to boost levels of testosterone and fertility. Once again, because Male UltraCore is dedicated to only giving you the best, they don’t use just any ashwagandha, but the best.


Another acronym. VI-PEX is short for Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion. The ZMA is short for zinc and magnesium aspartate. What this technology does is work together with the STEM technology to give you what you want from a male enhancement supplement: more stamina, more libido and a rock-hard cock.

You probably know all about the importance of zinc. It’s found in many supplements, not just male enhancement ones. It’s something that helps maintain the production of testosterone. The magnesium aspartate, meanwhile, converts free cholesterol into testosterone. So, when combined, you’re making sure your testosterone is boosted.

The last ingredient to talk about here is Vitamin B6. Just like zinc, that probably doesn’t need much explaining. But just in case you don’t know, Vitamin B6 is essential for brain development and for making sure your nervous and immune systems are healthy.

Together, this VI-PEX ZMA Complex takes your testosterone levels to, well, the next level – and gets you ready for the best sex of your life. And again, with Male UltraCore, you are guaranteed to get the very best ingredients around, all 100% natural, all 100% safe.


In order, here are the ingredients and what they do.

L-arginine helps relax and dilate your blood vessels, and the result of that is improved blood flow to your cock. Improved blood flow means firmer, longer erections. Tribulus terrestris helps your body retain testosterone. After all, now you’ve got all that extra testosterone being produced, you want to make sure it stays as testosterone and doesn’t get converted into estrogen (yes, that’s a thing; look it up).

Next up is horny goat weed (or epidemium sagittatum, to give it its Latin name). This helps increase testosterone, too. The active ingredient in Horny goat weed is icariin. What does that is boost your libido and sex drive, meaning you’re going to want to get it on more and more often. Once again, the makers of Male UltraCore have opted to use the very best, most potent form of this, around 60% - the most potent form of icariin extract that’s regularly available.

Tongkat ali is next on the label. This is another name for long jack, which I’ve already covered: great for harder, longer erections. Maca root provides benefits to men such as boosted libido and more endurance. There’s another testosterone booster next up: saw palmetto. This suppresses the 5-alpha reductase enzyme to increase testosterone and can help prevent prostate growth. Next you have something called l-citrulline, which a powerful vasodilator that can increase nitrogen oxide levels. What does that mean? Well, that helps increase flow to the penis – and once again, more blood flow means longer, harder erections. All good, all natural.

Butea superba comes next and it’s something found in Southeast Asia and is commonly used to boost virility. Muira puma, meanwhile, is a South American aphrodisiac that also boosts testosterone levels. Completely natural (like everything else in Male UltraCore), damiana extract can increase how you react to sexual stimulation, making you more ready for things in the bedroom. There’s another testosterone booster in there, something that synergizes with ZMA, and that’s called xanthoparmelia scabrosa. Last, but by no means least, comes rhodiola rosea, useful to decrease anxiety and depression – why is that in there? Well, performance anxiety is something we have all faced at one time. And what good is having your body ready to go if your mind’s having doubts?


You can’t go wrong with Male UltraCore.
It’s 100% natural. 100% safe.
And 100% guaranteed to work – to take your sex life to a level you never even imagined.
I cannot recommend it highly enough.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.