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I don’t know how many male enhancement supplements are currently available in the United States today. Hundreds at least, but the number is more likely to be in the thousands.

Trying to work out which ones of these actually do what you want would probably take a lot more time than you want to devote to it, but I’m here to tell you it’s worth doing a litle research on your own. But I’m also here to tell you that I’ve done a lot of research on my own and I think I’ve found the best male enhancement supplement out there. It’s called Male UltraCore.


The best way I know to tell you why Male UltraCore is the leading male enhancement supplement you can buy (and the only one I’d ever recommend to friends) is to talk about what it’s not – and why you need to be super careful not to fall for marketing scams that will bulk you of money and could have a detrimental impact on your health.

There are a lot of scammers out there and when you’re talking about something that can cost anywhere between $30 and three or four times that, you need to be careful.

Let’s expose a few of the more common scams.

  1. Just like there are counterfeit Rolexes and counterfeit Louis Vitton handbags and counterfeit Air Jordans, there are a lot of counterfeit male enhancement products. A word of advice: if something is claiming to give you incredible results for a fraction of the cost of other similar supplements and they have absolutely no real science to back it up or their website looks shitty or you just get a bad feeling about it, trust that feeling because chances are they’re counterfeit. ≤/p>

    When you look at a brand (again, I cannot urge you enough to do some of your own research on this stuff), don’t just look at the first page of their website. Dig deeper. Look for the science. Look for the ingredients list. Look for the reviews. Google them. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle, a lot of money and you’ll be avoiding putting junk in your body that either won’t work or worse.≤/p>

    Here’s an easy tip: compare and contrast the claims and the science and the ingredients and the reviews and even the quality of the website with a brand like Male UltraCore™. Their website is thorough. It lists the ingredients. It talks about the extensive studies that have been done. You know from one glance that this is legit. Don’t get scammed.≤/p>

  2. Read the ingredients list carefully. Even in the most legit products like Male UltraCore there are going to be some ingredients that you may not recognize the name of. That’s understandable. But, again, that’s what Google is for. Again, do your own research. A little bit of research will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. In fact, you could be saving a lot more than just hassle: some of the more unscrupulous companies put untested junk in their products and that can have some serious medical consequences. Know what you’re putting in your body.

    While we’re talking about ingredients, you need to be aware that you’re not looking for quantity (the milligrams in each pill) but about potency (the percentage of standardized extract). Let’s take one of the most common ingredient founds in pretty much every male enhancement supplement: long jack, aka tongkat ali, aka malaysian ginseng, aka lots of other things. Supplement A has, say, 550mg; Male UltraCore also has 550mg. So, they must be the same, right? Wrong. Quantity is one thing, potency is another. You want to look at the percentage of standardized extract. Most products you’ll find have 1%, 5%, maybe even 10% standardized extract of long jack. Male UltraCore™ has 30%. That’s powerful. So, when Male UltraCore claims it can boost your testosterone, you know it’s the real deal. And with Male UltraCore, the potency and quality of all their ingredients is second to none.

  3. Claims that taking this or that pill will make your dick bigger permanently. Sorry, guys, your dick is not going to magically get bigger and stay bigger till the day you die, no matter how many pills you guzzle. Just not medically possible. Remember when penis pumps were a thing? Well, they don’t make your dick permanently bigger either. Again, not medically possible. However, and this is important, an effective, well-tested, well-manufactured product like Male UltraCore can make your dick stay harder for longer. In many ways, that will make your dick look bigger – and your partner will certainly tell you that it feels bigger – but the effects are not going to last forever. But that’s OK, because you can take Male UltraCore regularly without worry. It is, after all, 100% natural and 100% safe. All of which means you’re going to have a bigger dick when you need it most – in the bedroom – but you’re not going to turn into John Holmes overnight.

    Just because it’s “doctor recommended” doesn’t mean it’s recommended – or that the person recommended is actually a doctor. Listen, I could go on my computer right now, fire up my printer and in about five minutes put together an impressive-looking degree from The University of Who Knows Where and pretend I’ve got a medical degree. I could even introduce myself in public as Dr. Vasquez. But neither of those things make it true. So many of the male enhancement products you’ll find trot out this or that doctor to give credibility to their claims. Again, Google is your friend. Look the doctor up. Look the university up. Do some digging. Chances are their credentials are as fake as the college they claimed to go to.

    Male UltraCore doesn’t have doctors proclaiming it as a miracle product. No, what they have are thousands of reviews from real users who can attest to its effectiveness.

    Watch out for money-back guarantees that come with paragraphs of legal disclaimers. Go look on the Male UltraCore website right now. Scroll down to the bottom where they talk about their money-0back guarantee. Actually, don’t bother. I’ll save you a trip. Here’s what it says: what it says: “If you don’t see extreme improvement in your sexual performance, we have the most iron clad warranty in the industry. An industry Gold Standard 100% Money Back Guarantee!”. That’s it. No reams of legal caveats, no questions asked. Return the product within 90 days and they’ll give you your money back. I don’t know for sure, but I doubt they get many returns. Because Male UltraCore does what it

There’s a reason why Male UltraCore is the number one male enhancement product on the market. There’s a reason why countless men swear by it and have seen their sex life reach new heights because of it. Actually, there are a ton of reasons. You should try it for yourself. You won’t regret it. I certainly don’t – and neither does my very, very satisfied wife.

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